Dear colleagues and friends,

With the progress of the immunological interpretation, genetic, phenotypization of diseases in every field of medicine, our discipline more than others is taking advantage of new knowledge. In recent years, allergists have learned to diagnose through molecular diagnostics and to imagine new exciting ways of treatment. On the strength of this knowledge, our interpretation of the pathways leading to sensitization and allergic disease has greatly expanded. The international scientific community invests resources and time in updating on all these innovations, in an attempt to put them as far as possible within the reach of the patient. In this spirit, the Sarajevo congress wants to offer an ideal field to follow-up with the most current discussions. We are dedicated to the issues of chronic asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, drug and food allergy, and the possible use of new diagnostic-therapeutic strategies in these important areas. In Sarajevo we will develop the themes of prevention, epidemiology, right reaction and interpretation of early events in the development of allergy. Following the need, an important part of the Congress will be dedicated to interaction after every lecture.

The AAA Congress is for you. Take one or two extra-day to enjoy the beauties of Sarajevo.

We look forward to welcome you!

Professor Adnan Custovic, the Scientific Committee of the AAA Congress.

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